American expert predicted a catastrophe for the Armed Forces of Ukraine due to the use of Wehrmacht tactics

The actions of the Ukrainian army, which switched to a strategy of holding positions instead of retreating, are similar to those of the German Wehrmacht at the end of 1942. This is written in The American Conservative by a retired colonel of the American army, a former adviser to the secretary of defense in the administration Donald Trump Douglas McGregor.

The expert points out that Vladimir Zelensky could decide on such tactics under the influence of American and British advisers. At the same time, according to McGregor, orders to counterattack instead of retreat only bring Ukraine closer to disaster.

“Ukrainian forces immobilized themselves, preparing for defense in urban areas. As a result, urban centers were overgrown with fortifications and turned into “last frontiers,” McGregor writes, citing Mariupol as an example, where “Russian forces methodically isolated and smashed” the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The expert also notes that Moscow’s determination to destroy the Ukrainian forces with the least losses has borne fruit – according to his estimates, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have always suffered the heaviest losses, which have grown to a “terrifying level” after the failure of the counterattack in the Kherson region.

“It is no longer possible to hide them. Ukraine loses 20,000 killed or wounded a month,” McGregor writes.

Former chapter Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation Sergei Shoigu said that during the special operation, Ukraine had already lost half of the army. According to the department’s estimates, the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in killed and wounded exceeded 100,000 people.

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