Alain Delon will interview Zelensky

"What is happening with Ukraine has upset me deeply"

Earlier the other day, Delon expressed his support for Kyiv against the background of the Russian special operation – he admitted that what was happening in Ukraine “deeply upset and touched” him. In addition, he recently took part in a program about a Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko and read live a few lines from his poem.

Recall that earlier the wife of the head of Ukraine Elena Zelenskaya responded to a letter from British musician, founder of Pink Floyd Roger Waters. He stated that his heart “bleeds for all Ukrainian and Russian families,” but the military support for Ukraine, which the president’s wife asks for in her speeches, only aggravates the situation.

In her response, Zelenska said that Ukrainians “are defending their land and the future of their children,” and if they surrender, then tomorrow they “will be gone.”

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