A Russian was deported from Estonia who defended a T-34 tank in Narva on September 24, 2022 – September 24, 2022

“Fontanka” wrotebut that on August 16 several Soviet monuments were demolished in Estonia, including the Narva T-34. Flowers began to be brought to the site of the demolition of the monument during the day, and in the evening, caring citizens posted a sign there from candles: “August 16, 2022. We remember, we will not forget.”

On September 11, a monument to the Soviet tank T-34-85 was erected at the border crossing of the Ivangorod-Narva checkpoint in Ivangorod. It was in this area that in July 1944 the troops of the Leningrad Front crossed the Narova River, broke through the defenses of the Nazi troops and liberated the city of Narva. The installed memorial is an exact copy of the tank, which dismantled August 16th.

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